Alaska State Troopers say a Sitka homeowner fired on a brown bear after a dog at his residence was eaten by a bear Monday evening, with a brief search turning up no sign of the targeted animal.

According to a Tuesday AST dispatch, Alaska Wildlife Troopers as well as Sitka police responded to the 5300 block of Halibut Point Road just after 6 p.m. Monday, after receiving reports that a brown bear had "killed and consumed a dog."

"The bear left the area upon Sitka Police arriving on scene," troopers wrote. "At approximately (9:57 p.m.) the homeowner at the same residence reported shooting at a bear which had surprised him in the driveway of the residence."

Police and troopers, along with members of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, unsuccessfully tried to find the brown bear after the shots were fired.

AST spokesperson Megan Peters didn't have word Tuesday on whether both incidents were believed to involve the same bear, or what kind of dog was eaten during the initial encounter. She says that with no sign of the bear fired upon -- or that it was wounded -- being found, there aren't plans for a more in-depth search.

"If it's there, it's there; if it's not, it's not," Peters said. "The basic rule of thumb is that we deal with the dead (bears) and Fish and Game deals with the live ones."

Juneau-based Fish and Game spokespersons didn't immediately have further information on the incident as of early Tuesday evening.