While many Alaskans spent Thursday chowing down some good Thanksgiving dinner, others prepared to cash in on "Brown Thursday" deals offered early by retailers hoping to beat the traditional Black Friday rush.

Dimond High School student Wilson Clayton had been waiting outside of South Anchorage's Target store since 10 a.m. Thursday. Although Clayton and his friends brought a propane heater to stay warm, he says he appreciates the early shopping.

"Black Friday is usually fun to do because there's something to do during the day," Clayton said.

Not too far from Target, Brown Thursday started Wednesday for Annie Luck. She spent the night in her truck, parked outside the Dimond Center Best Buy, to keep warm. On Thursday morning she got in line wearing seven layers of thick winter clothing. 

"I missed Thanksgiving dinner," Luck said. "I do not like this. I boycotted it last year. I do not think it's right."

But Luck was able to ignore her conscience and stand in line for her two teenage boys who wanted computers for the holidays. Best Buy manager Rich Coco says this is a culture for the store and today is his Super Bowl.

"We prepare for it all year long," Coco said. "We've been doing it for years and they come out in force to show us how much they support us, and we support them as well."

Retailers nationwide reported lighter traffic in the early hours of Black Friday, apparently due to the success of Thursday's Thanksgiving Day openings.