Local bird rescue officials say Great Horned Owls are having a difficult time finding food this spring. That's the theory behind a recent attempted abduction of a Chihuahua dog by an owl near Homer.

The Bird Treatment and Learning Center in Anchorage has received eight injured owls so far this year, with many of them showing signs of hunger. Staff are currently treating an owl with a head injury, and many of the owls that are dropped off for treatment have broken wings after being hit by cars.

In the Homer case, Bird TLC recently received an owl that had attempted to capture a Chihuahua but was hit by a car. The dog reportedly survived the attack.

“Normally they wouldn't go after a Chihuahua. It's not their normal prey, it's not -- obviously there are no wild Chihuahuas for them to practice on," said Heather Merewood, Bird TLC's executive director. "They would have to be pretty desperate to go after (one), no offense to any Chihuahuas.”

Bird TLC staff are looking to train hands-on volunteers in May. The center is always in need of financial donations to care for injured birds.