A Muldoon house fire Thursday afternoon was started by a cigarette left smoldering inside a planter, according to Anchorage firefighters.

The fire happened at about 3 p.m., in a planter attached to an outbuilding of a home near Bolin Street’s intersection with East 4th Avenue.

Firefighters say cigarettes have started at least a dozen Anchorage fires this summer. According to crews, most damage to the home in Thursday’s blaze was done by smoke from the fire and water used to put it out.

None of the eight women who live inside the home were hurt. They are part of a transition program that focuses on Christianity run by New Hope.

"I'm just -- thank God everybody is OK," said Andraya LaFleur, whose bedroom adjacent to the outbuilding had the most smoke, fire and water damage said, "This is the best you can hope for in this situation."