After nearly a month of hearing from witnesses in a lawsuit over alleged discrimination at the Anchorage Police Department, attorneys on both sides argue there are still many things that weren't discussed in the case.

Plaintiff's attorney Ken Legacki claims that his client, former Anchorage police detective Eliezer Feliciano, never received a promotion he applied because of his minority status. Legacki says his witnesses testified that Feliciano would have been a great sergeant and was qualified for the position.

Linda Johnson, the attorney defending the municipality, says the reason Feliciano didn't get promoted to sergeant is because he failed a written exam for the position on three occasions. Johnson pointed out that a fellow APD officer, who is black, was promoted during the same time frame Feliciano applied for sergeant -- but Legacki blasted the absence of a witness in the city's case.

"Didn't she say she was going to bring an expert to show that the test was valid? No expert came to testify about that," Legacki said. "In fact, no one testified that the test was not discriminatory."

Johnson says the plaintiffs should have had the sergeant who got promoted testify if he ever experienced racial discrimination.

"This case is not about discrimination or retaliation -- this case is about the plaintiffs' egos," Johnson said.

Both Feliciano and Alvin Kennedy worked in APD's undercover drug investigation unit, called Metro. It was disbanded and the men were reassigned as detectives for robbery and theft. Legacki says that reassignment was retaliation by the department because of issues in Metro, including reports of discrimination -- and that Feliciano and Kennedy should have been assigned as drug crime detectives.

"They had the audacity as men to stand and say, 'I’m not going to take it,'" Legacki said. "There's no doubt there's a pattern of discrimination."

The municipality hired Johnson to fight the allegations. City officials say her costs have run to $350,000, but that number could rise if the case runs longer than expected.