Closing arguments took place Wednesday in the murder trial of a former Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson soldier, accused of killing his wife in December 2012.

David Lopez is charged with first and second-degree murder in the Dec. 12, 2012 death of his wife, Sara Lopez.

The state alleges that Lopez shot his wife once in the left temple because he blamed her for the state Office of Children's Services taking the couple's 2-year-old daughter earlier that day, after Sara Lopez reported the child had suffered bruises. But the defense says Sara Lopez killed herself, claiming that she was depressed and on opioids.

In the 911 call Lopez made moments after the gunshot, he told the dispatcher that he shot his wife because his daughter was taken into OCS custody. However, his attorneys argue that Lopez initially confessed because he blamed himself and felt guilty that he couldn't stop his wife.

"He bought her the gun. He trained her on using the gun. He kept the gun loaded. He failed to reach her and stop her in that moment," said defense attorney Dunnington Babb.

In his closing arguments, Deputy District Attorney Clint Campion called Lopez reckless, saying he had 15 loaded firearms around the Lopez's home and had been drinking all day.

"He was so angry, he was so full of rage, his temper exploding, that he intended to kill her when he did," Campion said.

Campion also said that Sara Lopez was right-handed, but the gunshot that killed herwas to her left temple.

"A small, petite woman did not pick up that firearm, put it to her temple, and squeeze 12.5 to 13 pounds of trigger-pull pressure while she had pills in her hand," Campion said. "She didn't do that -- Mr. Lopez pulled that trigger."

Babb argued that if Lopez had shot his wife, there would have been other injuries and signs of a struggle.

"None of those things were present and in the absence of those things, the body told two medical examiners that it was a suicide," Babb said.

Lopez is also charged with terroristic threatening for allegedly calling the Anchorage OCS office that same day and threatening to shoot employees with his AK-47 assault rifle if he didn't get his daughter back.