A few months ago I noticed a conex on the corner of 4th Ave. and A Street, across from Fire Station 1.

The fact that there was a conex in that spot wasn't very surprising, but what that conex looks like certainly is.

It's blue, half of it has windows, and the other half is a mural by artist Devon Young.

The mural shows a large mechanical bull moose standing in a stream of robot salmon. Purple mountains and a cityscape with an old ramshackle house are in the background.

It's beautiful and eye catching.

The barista working when I stopped by last week told me the construction took about six months. The building has plumbing and electric. Inside its modern-looking with large white globes dangling for lighting. Teen Mom was on the large flat screen TV, which was mounted on one of the walls.

“It's very spunky," Marissa Nunooruk said, "fun."

They use Steamdot coffee and later in the month they'll start selling La Cabana burritos.