Alaska State Troopers say a judge convicted a Cordova man Friday on 10 counts in a 2013 case, after he used a fishing boat to charge a skiff containing an 8-year-old child and others without provocation.

A Friday AST dispatch says 75-year-old Roger Lee Koechling was found guilty of four counts each of reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct, plus two counts of reckless operation of a marine vessel.

“This case stems from an event on the Eyak River where Koechling used his 30-foot Commercial Bowpicker vessel to recklessly scare and intimidate four other individuals…fishing from a 15-foot skiff,” troopers wrote.

AST spokesperson Beth Ipsen says Koechling was using the superior size of his vessel to threaten the people in the skiff. Troopers were first informed of the case last year.

“Basically he was accused of harassing people in a small boat by driving his large boat straight at them at a high rate of speed on purpose, then turning away at the very last minute,” Ipsen wrote in an email to Channel 2. “It really, really scared them.”

Even after the conviction, Ipsen says it’s not clear why Koechling targeted the skiff in the first place.

“Nothing seemed to prompt it; there's no real thing that apparently triggered this,” Ipsen said. “He was coming within inches of ramming the boat.”

The possibility of a fishing rivalry was mentioned in court, but quickly dismissed in Friday’s decision at the end of the three-day bench trial.

“Of interesting note during closing comments, the judge expressly related that this case was not about sport fishing versus commercial, but that of community condemnation, deterrence, and that this behavior presented a significant and exceptional risk to the occupants of the other vessel,” troopers wrote.

Koechling was given a 700-day jail sentence with 649 days suspended. He is scheduled to begin serving the remaining 51 days on Aug. 15.