Credit Union 1 has confirmed a system wide computer problem that many customers have stated has closed online and card access to their money.

Credit Union 1 representatives report the computers have not been working properly since early this morning. Many account holders report being unable to access their funds by using their cards due to the problem, and have not had access to their online account manager as well.

"Back up procedures are currently in place enabling members to continue using their Credit Union 1 debit and credit cards and our branches remain open and ATMs are operational," Credit Union 1 President and CEO Tom Newins said in an email. "We are working diligently to be fully operational later today and appreciate our members' patience."

Affected account holders with Credit Union 1 may visit any branch to deposit or withdraw funds as needed, but several cities and villages in Alaska do not have access to branches. Account holders outside of Alaska are also out of reach of CU1 branches.

According to Credit Union 1, no personal data is at risk of being compromised while computers are down.

"As for members having difficulties using their CU1 debit cards, we have back up controls in place in the event our system goes down, whether it's momentarily or if there is an extended disruption - as occurred today," Newins said. "Therefore, our cards were working today but specific transactions would have been declined for a number of possible reasons. For example, if a member received a deposit after our back up procedures went into effect, the funds available through their card would not be available until after we restore our systems."