The residents affected by the Funny River fire come in many shapes and sizes and a litter of wolf pups found Tuesday near the fire line were no different.

Huslia crew member Jefferson Sam said he and his crew knew about a wolf den of abandoned pups on the line and did what firefighter would do for someone in need.

“Well they’re helpless, you know,” Sam said. “We kind of knew the mother was around there.”

One of the pups actually came out of the den, Sam said, and to him it looked like the pup, a female, was asking for help. “We thought she was the smart one,” Sam said.

The pups were treated by a field biologist and given sugar water to help their hydration.

“They would have died if we didn’t pull them out,” Sam said. “For me, it was the right thing to do.”

The five pups were transported to the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage where they are being cared for, said Zoo spokeswoman Jill Myer.

It's uncertain whether the pups will remain at the zoo, but it wouldn't be the first time abandoned pups were brought there, Myer said.

"A pack of wolves came in two or three years ago, all from one den, all abandoned," Myer said. Those are our wolves now."