The final votes are being tallied from remaining precincts, but the race is over. As the November election looms over the horizon, the results from the primary election give a look at what voters can expect on the ballot. 

With 100 percent of precincts reporting Wednesday afternoon Ballot Measure 1, which sought to repeal Senate Bill 21's regime of lower oil taxes, was going down with 52.23 percent of votes cast against it, including 80,508 no votes and 73,628 yes votes -- a margin of 6,880 votes. SB21 replaced Alaska's Clear and Equitable Share, the tax credit program championed by former Gov. Sarah Palin.

On the Nov. 4 general-election ballot, Alaska residents will vote on three ballot measures. Ballot Measure 2 will allow the public to decide to decriminalize marijuana in the state, while Ballot Measure 3 will offer the chance to raise the state's minimum wage over the next two years to $9.75. Ballot Measure 4 would give the legislature the power to prohibit mining development in the Bristol Bay region for the sake of local wild fisheries.

In the race for U.S. Senate, the favored-to-win Democratic candidate Mark Begich (D-AK) will run against former state Department of Natural Resources commissioner and attorney general Dan Sullivan, the Republican candidate. Longtime U.S. Rep. Don Young will be defending his seat from Democratic challenger Forrest Dunbar.

A three-way race is expected for the governor's position, as Republican incumbent Sean Parnell will run against Democrat Byron Mallott and Independent Bill Walker, the former mayor of Valdez. Hollis French will join Mallott on the general-election ticket as the Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor, with Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan alongside Parnell in the corresponding GOP position.

In the state Legislature, five candidates ran unopposed for the Senate in their districts, while 11 ran unopposed for the House. In the remaining districts, the following will be on the November ballot:

Senate District A
Tama Roselius (D)
Pete Kelly (R)

Senate District C
Dorothy Shockley (D)
Click Bishop (R)

Senate District F
Patricia Chesbro (D)
Bill Stoltze (R)

Senate District E
Michael Dunleavy (R)
Warren Keogh (I)

Senate District G
Jim Arlington (D)
Anna Fairclough (R)

Senate District K
Clare Ross (D)
Mia Costello (R)

Senate District M
Felix Rivera (D)
Kevin Meyer (R)

Senate District N
Harry Crawford (D)
Catherine Geissel (R)

Senate District P
Robert Henrichs (D)
Gary Stevens (R)

Senate District Q
Dennis Egan (D)
Tom Williams (R)

House District 1
Scott Kawasaki (D)
Gregory Bringhurst (R)

House District 2
Larry Murakami (D)
Steve Thompson (D)

House District 3
Sharron Hunter (D)
Tammie Wilson (R)

House District 4
Joe Blanchard II (R)
David Guttenberg (D)

House District 5
Elizabeth Clark (D)
Pete Higgins (R)

House District 6
Wilson Justin (D)
David Talerico (R)

House District 8
Pam Rahn (D)
Mark Neuman (R)

House District 9
Jim Colver (R)
Mabel Wimmer (D)

House District 10
Neal Lacy (D)
Wes Keller (R)

House District11
Pete LaFrance (D)
Shelley Hughes (R)

House District 12
Gretchen Wehmhoff (D)
Cathy Tilton (R)

House District 14
Miles Pruner (D)
Lora Reinbold (R)

House District 15
Laurie Hummel (D)
Gabrielle LeDoux (R)

House District 16
Don Hadley (R)
Max Gruenberg (D)

House District 21
Matt Claman (D)
Anand Dubey (R)

House District 22
Marty McGee (D)
Liz Vazquez (R)

House District 24
Michael Fenster (D)
Craig Johnson (R)

House District 25
Patti Higgins (D)
Charisse Millett (R)

House District 26
Bill Goodell (D)
Bob Lynn (R)

House District 27
Matt Moore (D)
Lance Pruitt (R)

House District 28
Samuel Combs (D)
Mike Hawker (R)

House District 29
Charles Chenault (R)
Rocky Knudsen (D)

House District 30
Kurt Olson (R)
Shauna Thornton (D)

House District 32
Jerry McCune (D)
Louise Stutes (R)

House District 33
Sam Kito (D)
Peter Dukowitz (R)

House District 34
George Guan (D)
Cathy Munoz (R)

House District 35
Steven Samuelson (R)
Jona Kreiss-Tomkins (D)

Independent candidates had until Aug. 19 to register for the November ballot.

A full synopsis of votes for each candidate in each district is available on's special election section.

Channel 2's Chris Klint contributed information to this story.