When I shared a simple bird photo on the "Morning Edition", I never thought it would turn into something like this. The bird in the photo had a curved beak, and what I thought was just a rarity, birders knew better. I received several emails saying this was actually a deformity and that the Bird TLC should be informed.

I contacted Heather Merewood, Executive Director of Bird TLC, and she said they see a number of birds with deformed bills. "It's most common in chickadees, but we’ve also seen it in nuthatches, crows, jays and magpies." Merewood said the condition affects their ability to eat and preen, but they've "found that if the bills are trimmed back, they will just grow out again."

The US Geological Survey is doing research on this in an effort to determine the cause of the deformities. They are collecting data and ask people to report any birds they spot.

The best way to report-- and to get more information-- is to visit their website.