Moments after shooting 63-year-old Eduardo Escalante, Paul Miller, 51, called 911 and told an operator that he had "just shot the Filipino," according to charging documents.

Eddy, as he was called, died Tuesday afternoon from three or four gunshot wounds.

Anchorage Police Department Sgt. Michael Couturier said Escalante and his wife were the sole caregivers at the Midtown assisted living home where Miller was a client and that the couple immigrated from the Philippines in March.

They made their way north to Alaska just for the job, the officer said, adding that Miller's wife told Couturier there was no known rift between the men.

According to police, there was no struggle preceding the shooting, and a resident who was home at the time of the shooting that told officers that Escalante was watching TV in the kitchen while Miller was outside talking on the phone.

By the time officers and paramedics arrived at the residence at 309 E. 24th Ave., near Fireweed Lane, Escalante was dead.

"This is a very unfortunate incident," Couturier said. "We are trying to determine what the motivation was and we are trying to determine where that fire arm came from."

APD’s crime scene team was dispatched to the site at about 6 p.m. and spent roughly six hours conducting an on-site investigation, and the following morning Miller was charged with first- and second-degree murder.

At a Wednesday afternoon hearing at the Anchorage jail court, Miller appeared before a judge wrapped in a blanket because the standard jail uniform did not fit.

A judge ordered Miller to be held in lieu of $500,000 bail. In order to secure release, Miller would need to a third-party custodian, and if he does no visits to the location house where the shooting occurred would be allowed.

Editor's Note: The Anchorage Police Department told media that the assisted living home was owned by a business that does not own the facility. That information has been removed from this story.

Channel 2's Austin Baird and Mallory Peebles contributed to this story.