In an unexpected turn of events, a woman living in Tennessee taken into custody by U.S. Marshalls for violating probation is also being questioned in the disappearance of a missing Kenai family.

Lisa Marie Hundley, 46, was arrested by U.S. Marshals in Smyrna, TN, on contempt of court charges connected with a 2010 drug possession and trafficking conviction, according to U.S. Marshals officials, with the assistance of one Alaska State Trooper.

Troopers then discovered Hundley was the mother-in-law to Rebecca Adams, the mother of five-year-old Michelle and three-year-old Jaracca Hundley. Adams, her two children and her boyfriend Brandon Jividen, 37, went missing May 27, sparking a nationwide search, assisted by local and federal organizations.

FBI spokesperson Steve Forrest explained Hundley is not being considered connected to the disappearance of the missing Kenai family, but Kenai Police Department investigators simply hope to gain more perspective on the family itself.

Hundley will be extradited from a Rutherford County Jail in Tennessee back to Alaska, said Deputy U.S. Marshal Danny Shelton of the Middle District of Tennessee.

The disappearance of Adams, her children and Jividen has sparked a multi-jurisdictional search for the family to assist KPD investigators. Organizations including state troopers and the FBI have provided assistance to KPD, the primary agency heading up the search.

Family members last heard from Adams May 27, when she made a phone call to her sister Lanell Adams, in which the missing mother sounded “distressed.”

Both Adams and Jividen’s vehicles remain parked behind their home, but police could not confirm how long it had been since they had last been moved.

Kenai police are asking anyone with information about the missing family to call the department at 907-283-7879.

Channel Two's Abby Hancock and Rebecca Palsha contributed to this story.

Editor's note: The story has been updated with information gathered after speaking with FBI officials as to any implication Hundley may have had in connection with the disappearance of the Kenai family.