A wide variety of volunteers and organizations are involved in Friday’s search efforts for a Missouri man throughout this week at Willow Creek, with teams spending their sixth day in the field since his disappearance.

AST spokesperson Beth Ipsen says Friday’s search for 71-year-old Jerry Warner of Richland, Mo. is making a closer examination of land near the creek. Warner was last seen at the Willow Creek Resort Sunday morning departing his recreational vehicle, carrying a fishing pole without a weapon, cellphone or much food.

Although the search itself is a ground effort, many means of transport are helping search teams reach the backcountry. AST’s Helo-3 is flying teams into more remote areas, with Alaska Railroad hybrid-drive SUVs capable of riding railroad tracks also seeing service and volunteers with the Mat-Su search-and-rescue group MATSAR bringing their own means of transportation.

“There’s actually people with horses involved,” Ipsen said. “We’ve really been fortunate to have a lot of resources -- we’ve had search dogs come down from Fairbanks.”

Ipsen credits the interagency management team running the Warner search with bringing so many entities into play, as well as maintaining overall interest and volunteer levels in the field.

“There have been as many as 46 people involved with the search,” Ipsen said.

No sign of Warner has been found in the search as of Friday morning, Ipsen said.