Early voters have cast their ballots, and this year, it looks like more came out to participate than in the previous election year. 

Poll numbers show at least 7,400 early voters as of Friday. That's up more than 2,000 votes from the 2010 primary election, which only saw a total of 5,125. By the eve of election day 2014, the number has risen to 9,524. 

Some of Alaska's early voters say they cast their ballot ahead of time to avoid the lines of election day, while others said it was a matter of getting their vote cast for their favorite candidate.

"I have to take small children with me and didn't want to take them when it was busy and crowded," said mom TaeLei Shepard. "I'm [also] due any day to have a baby and wanted to be sure my vote got in if I went into labor today!"

Still others see voting as a fundamental tool to shaping Alaska's future.

"Alaska is our state," said Randall Peace. "I take it personal. I want to make this a better place for my family, and friends."

Alaska residents who have not yet voted still have time. Polling places throughout the state will remain open until 8 p.m. Alaska time.