Spring has arrived in Anchorage -- along with all of the garbage being uncovered by melting snow.

With Earth Day being marked Tuesday, a team of volunteers did a little spring cleaning along the Campbell Creek Trail, carrying away just about everything trail users may have lost or tossed over the winter.

This is the first time the Earth Day Trail Clean-up has taken place at Campbell Creek.
Dozens of volunteers picked up shovels and trash bags, cleaning up 12 miles of trail in just a few hours.

Eleven of the people helping out on Tuesday were AmeriCorps volunteers with the Southeast Alaska Guidance Association.

In addition to making the trails better looking, federal Bureau of Land Management field manager Douglas Ballou says they’re a lot safer.

“Our goal is to safely go through the woods with these safe tools, and do some brushing and improve the lines of sight -- so that fast-moving recreationalists will have a greater opportunity to avoid bears and moose and other wildlife and have a safer recreational experience,” Ballou said.

AmeriCorps volunteers will be working all summer cleaning trails between Anchorage and Girdwood.