Wanted fugitive Julius "JT" Chambers was found and arrested late Saturday night during a raid by Fairbanks police in cooperation with multiple state agencies.

According to FPD Sgt. Bruce Barnett, Fairbanks police received a tip to Chambers' location, in a North Pole eight-apartment complex on Newby Road. U.S. Marshals from Anchorage and Alaska State Troopers, as well as K-9 units, assisted in the arrest, after the three residents of the home recanted their denial of his presence inside.

"We had an idea where he was," Barnett said. "The home was empty after we called out the residents, so the arrest was affected without incidence."

Barnett described the search of the home around 11:30 p.m., culminating in a K-9 unit dog, "Skippy", alerting on  Chambers' presence under a futon mattress and clothes in a closet. Chambers initially resisted arrest, but was subdued and taken into custody without further incidence.

Chambers was originally arrested June 17 when officers responding to a report of a domestic situation discovered Chambers had several warrants for violating probation. During the course of the arrest, it was determined that Chambers managed to bring his hands from behind his back to the front, and move from the back seat of a patrol car to the driver's seat, stealing the car in his escape.

The vehicle was found several hours later, abandoned. Fairbanks police believe he escaped into some nearby woods, and had alerted the community to his status.

"The investigation is ongoing against Mr. Chambers," Barnett said. "It is understood that during his time of escape, other crimes were committed, though at this time we cannot comment on the nature of these crimes."

Chambers awaits charges relating to the escape, including the stolen patrol car, as well as Probation Violation charges.

The Fairbanks Police Department issued a statement regarding "Skippy", who is a new dog to the AST K-9 Unit. "Skippy" was named after a nickname used for Sgt. Scott Johnson, who died earlier this year when he and another trooper, Gabe Rich, were shot and killed in the line of duty.

KTUU's Joshua Staab contributed to this story.