A preliminary report released late Monday by the National Transportation Safety Board gives a few more details of the mid-October deadly crash at the Fairbanks International Airport.

On Oct. 17, the crash killed Jon Tanner, 51, and passengers, Bruce Nahorney and an unnamed juvenile, were taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Around 5:11 p.m., the Cessna 172C airplane, N1512Y, crashed into the ground shortly after departing runway 20L at intersection Romeo.

“Shortly after departure, the pilot was cleared to turn left and proceed on course,” said the NTSB. “The controllers observed the airplane initiate a left turn, before descending and impacting terrain on the south side of the airport property.”

The plane ended in a nose low position, adjacent to an airport perimeter fence, about 1,585 feet from the departure end of runway. According to the report, wreckage debris was spread within 50 feet of the main wreckage.

The NTSB recovered the wreckage, which included all major structural components of the airplane, and moved it to a secure location for further examination.

“Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time of the accident, and no flight plan was filed for the flight destined to North Pole, Alaska,” the NTSB said in its preliminary report.