The search for a Kenai family missing for almost two weeks is intensifying Monday, with multiple agencies now involved in following up on any potential leads.

The Kenai Police Department says at this point in the investigation there is not enough information to confirm foul play, but investigators remain concerned.

Brandon Jividen, 37, Rebecca Adams, 22, and her two children -- 5-year old Michelle Hundley and 3-year old Jaracca Hundley -- were last seen May 27.

On Monday afternoon law enforcement authorities, led by KPD Chief Gus Sandahl, held a press conference at the Kenai Library and spoke with KFSE Radio Kenai.

“Please trust that we're following up on all logical and investigative leads, and utilizing the resources we have and the FBI has to try and locate this family,” Sandahl told KFSE.

The City of Kenai and KPD have asked for the help of state and federal agencies including the FBI, to help locate the missing family.

“Obviously we're concerned,” Sandahl said. “And that's why it's the highest priority for us and we've sought assistance from the FBI and other resources -- so we're very concerned at this point, but very hopeful.”

While search and rescue teams continue to comb in and around the wooded area near the family’s apartment complex, relatives of the missing are doing everything they can to notify the public.

“We've been putting up fliers and stuff, you know?” said Lanell Adams, Rebecca Adams’ sister. “I know my uncle and I were planning to go pass out fliers around, where they used to hike and camp and fish at and everything.”

Adams says the community has rallied to help with the search.

“There has been an incredible reaction to what's going on and the way it's spreading is amazing,” Adams said.

While Kenai police have been the lead investigators since Friday, the FBI got involved on Saturday.

Bureau officials say they typically help out with an investigation, providing resources such as help with logistics and agents on the ground when asked by local law enforcement.

Although officials say Kenai police did ask for assistance, the FBI is involved because of the age of the missing children -- along with agents’ assumption that within 24 hours of a disappearance of a child under the age of 12, they may have been taken out of the state.

The neighborhood along California Street in Kenai was quiet Monday evening after local police, FBI and search and rescue dogs searched the area for any clue that might lead to the missing family.

“We have no idea what’s going on,” Adams said. “There’s so many loose ends right now, we are racking our brains trying to put something together.”

In addition to the family’s disappearance, the circumstances under which it occurred have also aroused the family’s suspicions.

“The landlord had called and said that Becca hadn’t paid her rent, which is unusual,” Adams said. “She’s usually the first to pay; she’s very responsible.”

Adams says no bags were packed, with both her sister and Jividen’s cars still parked behind their residence -- leaving no trace of where they might be.

“I have a message on my phone of her and the girls singing me ‘Happy Birthday,’ and I keep listening to that as much as I can,” Adams said.

Adams’ uncle, Dennis Gifford, is also trying to figure out what could have possibly happened to his loved ones.

“To go this long and not have any communication is extremely strange,” said Adams’ uncle, Dennis Gifford. “It’s -- we just don’t understand what could have possibly happened.”

Kenai police continue to ask anyone who sees the family or has information as to their whereabouts to call police at 907-283-7879.

Channel 2’s Caslon Hatch contributed information to this story.