Firefighters say a house fire in a Sand Lake Friday night could have been much worse if the winds were any nastier.

The Anchorage Fire Department responded to a fire on 7000 block of Whitehall Street around 6:30 Friday night after neighbors reported smoke billowing from a home.

Fire officials said it appears to have started from unattended cooking on the stove. Flames traveled up through the vent system to the attic, which caused electricity shortage and arcing.

Firefighters said it didn't take long to get the fire under control, but they had some difficulty navigating the narrow street.

“With the snowbanks like they are, these side streets are narrow, and then with the snowbanks … we weren’t able to get a fire engine by ours to hook up to the hydrant that was past us, so we had to do it by hand,” said AFD Senior Captain Jeff Briggs.

There were no injuries in the fire, but officials say the home is uninhabitable.