Putting fish in the freezer and angling for the grand prize fishing boat are among the reasons people are entering the Slam'n Salm'n Derby.

But no matter why people are getting involved in the annual event, organizers say the real winner is the Downtown Soup Kitchen.

The nonprofit hopes to bring in at least $15,000 dollars from the derby.

The soup kitchen relies on donations from people who fish because you there is no required payment for a derby ticket.

The downtown soup kitchen says since it offers meals and services for free that participants should not have to pay to play, though to win they do have to get a derby ticket before heading out to fish.

Donations help fund the food program and go toward expanding the growing shower house and laundry program.

"We only have five staff, and we are trying to keep our costs down," said Angelique Miller of the Downtown Soup Kitchen. "We are mainly trying to make the effort to reach and help those in need in our community."

The derby runs until Sunday.

To register a fish, you need to purchase a ticket from the Slam'n Salm'n Derby weigh station on West Ship Creek Avenue.