The man accused of murdering six people in Texas Wednesday -- including four children -- has ties to Alaska.

Ronald Lee Haskell, 33, grew up north of Anchorage and attended Chugiak High School. His 1999 senior yearbook shows he was voted Homecoming King and Class Clown by his peers. He also played on the football team.

Haskell has been charged with capital murder, after authorities say he entered a home in the Houston-area community of Spring, Texas Wednesday dressed as a delivery worker. Haskell allegedly rounded up the children, described as relatives of his estranged wife, in the home, then awaited the arrival of two adults -- Stephen and Katie Stay.

The couple was killed, along with the four children, when police say Haskell opened fire; a critically wounded 15-year-old girl who called 911 was the sole survivor. Haskell was later taken into custody after a three-hour standoff with police.

Former classmates took to social media, expressing shock and sadness about the shooting, and the man charged.

"I can't even make the connection between the guy we knew in high school, and someone who could do this. I just can't imagine what had to happen," wrote a former classmate on Facebook. The classmate did not want to be named, but says he considered Haskell a close friend in high school.

Drew Nevitt says he grew up with Haskell and knew his family. In his blog, Nevitt describes Haskell as being the funny guy. Nevitt talked about Haskell over the phone on Friday, saying he was compassionate and devout to his Mormon faith.

While Nevitt declined an interview out of respect for the Haskell family, he called the shooting horrible and said Haskell must have snapped.

It isn't clear when Haskell left Alaska. State records show he last applied for a Permanent Fund Dividend check in 2003.