One Colorado woman who was on a mission to find the owner of a lost camera filled with years of special moments has accomplished her goal.

On Friday, Wanda Weinreis says she and her husband were driving back home to Rifle from Grand Junction when they spotted something on the side of the road along Highway 6. It was a 10 megapixel Limux camera in perfect condition, lying in the gravel.

The couple decided to take it home and try to figure out who it belonged to. Inside, Weinreis found hundreds of captured occasions marked with smiling unknown faces - an inside peek into someone else's favorite moments, now in her hands.

"Visiting with grandma, graduation, the baby shower, in the hospital with the woman having the baby, " Weinreis explained, "just all kinds of family photos."

All kinds of photos, but no name. No phone number. Nothing to determine who the camera belongs to, except for two little clues: A hospital visitor badge that says 'Providence Medical Center' located in Anchorage, Alaska, and a blurry name tag wrapped around a newborn baby's ankle.

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