If you think you can stop Janay Hitchman from her goals, just go ahead and try.

Whether she's humming in her King Career Center Cosmetology class or being an alto in the Service Cougar Concert Choir, Hitchman has her eyes on the prize. 

Singing is one of her passions. 

After being mentored by the late Big Mitch, the 18-year-old says that hard work is helping her stay focused on her future. 

"What I would like to do is probably get a bachelor’s in business and then go to beauty school," Hitchman said. 

Those who know her see her dedication to her passions in her actions.

"I know when she sets goals she will achieve them," said Olivia Haynes, Hitchman’s friend

Haynes describes Hitchman as a cool and chill person. 

"When I first met her, I was like me and her are going to be friends," Haynes said. 

"Janay is the type of person who will try and try and try until she accomplishes something,” said Normandy Huckins, Hitchman’s teacher at King Career Center. “She is not going to give up.” 

It's an attitude that goes beyond her; Hitchman is determined to help out others. She volunteers with kids at Trailside Elementary and has helped homeless teens get jeans through a clothing drive. 

"She's really nice and caring and she gives everyone a chance, she doesn't judge anyone," Haynes said. "I'm kind, I'm silly, I'm caring, and talkative. 

A go-getter with a bright personality that anyone would want on their side, Hitchman was also a squad leader in the Navy JROTC program and is part of Service's Seminar classes. 

Her ultimate plan is to open up her own salon one day, and it would be safe to say she would probably sing in it too.