All her life, Karina Catalone has been singing sweet tunes. 

Even though she's only 17 years old, the soft spoken young woman is on a path to do great things 

A honor student at Mt. Edgecumbe in Sitka, the Manokotak native is an overachiever, whether she's running cross country or just playing around in her dorm.

"I work hard to get good grades," said Karina. "I'm friendly, I get along good with other people. 

Words those who have guided her agree with.

"If I got sucked up in a twister she would be able to take over I think," said Karina's teacher Katie Mulligan. 

"She really wants to be a successful person, she listens to other kids and helps them and talks to them and counsels to them."

She said she gets her determination from her father, Les Catalone who passed away last year. He was an inspiration Karina says will be with her forever.  

"He believed in me the most,” she said. "He said you can be whatever you want honey, you can make whatever you want to happen." 

It's dreams, small and big that no matter the obstacles, you can bet on Karina getting to the other side of the door.  

Karina wants to go to UAF and major in business. She says her ultimate goal is to open her own café.