Some customers are fuming over an Enstar rate increase, although the gas company says it's making up for a warmer than normal winter. To make up for the shortfall, Enstar is increasing rates for the third fiscal quarter, which runs from July to September.

"This adjustment to the third quarters cost of gas is not an opportunity for Enstar to make any additional money," said Enstar's Director of Business Development John Sims.

But some of Enstar's 137,000 customers say that explanation is a bunch of hot air.

"It sucks, but I just paid the bill so, I'd pay it no matter what, compared to growing up in Fairbanks and here and having to pay for fuel, instead of gas, gas is considerably cheaper," said Leah Stoner.

But Cari Fedele says the increase will hit her family, hard, especially because her home uses a lot of gas.

"125 dollars a month? That's a whole car payment, that's a lot," Stoner said. 

Enstar says it could reduce rates again in the fall. Sims says Enstar's weighted average cost for natural gas was $8.7 per 1,000 cubic feet in 2009, and it is only $7.04 in 2014.