Alaska State Troopers in Girdwood responded to two Thursday night incidents, arresting a man urinating near the Seward Highway for public indecency and investigating a fire set in a library book drop.

In a pair of AST dispatches released Saturday, troopers say the first incident, involving 36-year-old Anchorage man Nathanial Iya, took place just before 5:15 p.m. Thursday near Mile 102 of the Seward Highway.

“Iya was observed with his genitals out and urinating towards the Seward Highway in plain view of motorists,” troopers wrote. “Iya was arrested at the scene without incident, transported, and remanded to the Anchorage Jail where he was held on $500 (cash or corporate) bail.”

AST spokesperson Beth Ipsen says the arresting trooper had spoken with Iya, who was “heavily intoxicated,” while dealing with an unrelated incident. About 15 minutes, the trooper returned and saw Iya relieving himself.

“(Iya) might not have been seen if he had been more discreet about it and therefore might have avoided jail,” Ipsen wrote in an email to Channel 2. “But instead, he chose to do it in full view of the Seward Highway. There were other motorists on the highway at the time.”

In an unrelated case the same evening, troopers say someone set a fire inside a book drop at the Scott and Wesley Gerrish Branch Library, at 250 Egloff Dr. Ipsen says troopers believe the fire was set between 6 p.m. and 9:45 p.m.

“(The trooper) said it looks like someone got some items from a nearby trash bin, lit them on fire and threw inside the book drop,” Ipsen wrote. “He said it was a Styrofoam food container from a nearby Thai restaurant with dog (feces) stuffed inside.”

Ipsen says the fire did about $500 in damage, with three books inside the book drop damaged and one destroyed. A cart inside the drop is still functional, but will eventually require replacement.

Scott Bibeau, a worker at the library, says patrons can still return books after hours despite the main drop being damaged.

“We kind of have it blocked off right now,” Bibeau said. “We have a secondary (drop).”

Anyone with information on the book drop fire is asked to call Girdwood troopers at 907-783-0972.