The Municipality of Anchorage has unveiled a new tool to help set up bus trips in the city, with the help of an online giant.

The People Mover Trip Planner is a partnership between the Municipality of Anchorage and Google. Using the online program, people can enter where they want their trip to start, where they want it to end and what day and time.

The planner will then provide a route, as well as the estimated time it will take to travel.

“It's a great application for those who have traveled to other locations and have used this application to plan your trip, if you're using public transportation,” said Lance Wilber, director of the city’s Department of Public Transportation. “And we have many visitors who come to Anchorage and they want to know, do we have such a tool and when will we have it -- and today we do.”

The new program is available now on People Mover’s website.