A man hiking near Seward Monday made a grim discovery of human remains, Alaska troopers say.

A sheep hunter hiking near the Tonsina Creek Trail found a partial jawbone at the top of a mountain south of Seward, according to AST spokesperson Beth Ipsen.

"This is two miles south of Seward and four miles south of Marathon Mountain with a couple of mountains and impassable terrain in between these two mountains," Ipsen said Friday. "There are eight people listed as missing in the Seward and Crown Point area dating back to 1993 (three females and five males)."

The State Medical Examiner's office has since acquired the remains, and an investigation into the cause of death and identity is ongoing.

Some have already speculated whether the remains belong to missing Mt. Marathon runner Michael LeMaitre, but according to Ipsen, the remains could belong to any of those missing in the area, or none of them.

"If you look at where Mount Marathon is, and where the trail, is that's four miles, and with ravines and rough terrain... it's impassable for humans," Ipsen said. "We have not ruled out it is him [LeMaitre], but we also have not ruled out other missing people. We don't know yet, who it is. We don't know if it was messed with by animals, we don't really know much of anything at this point."

Ipsen said there are no plans currently to search for more of the remains.

This is a developing story, please check back for updates as they become available.