Erosion along the Koyukuk River has left a home teetering on the edge and the town of Huslia with more residences threatened.

The community, located approximately 250 miles west of Fairbanks, has been battling the river for years with the latest round of erosion starting late last month. Residents say the riverbank has been eroding since May 24 and the Koyukuk is still inching closer to homes. Video taken Thursday shows large sections of riverbank falling into the river.

Koyukuk Tribal Council bookkeeper Leah David says one home has been disassembled, but a second is too old to salvage and sits just five feet from the river's edge. Two other homes sit less than 100 feet from the river, leaving home owners looking for assistance in relocating.

Witnesses report that seeing the erosion is a dramatic experience.

“A woman told me yesterday that they kept hearing it all night two nights ago," David said. "It was really loud, just dropping into the water and making big splashes."

Huslia is no stranger to erosion. The Army Corps of Engineers estimates it loses 10 to 30 feet of land per year, and in 2005 the village lost more than 150 feet of its riverbank.