When Marcelle Fressineau’s sled runners passed over the finish line, it marked the official end of Iditarod XLII.

Coming in just 30 seconds behind Lisbet Norris, Fressineau’s entry into Nome at 7:42 pm crowned her the Red Lantern for this year’s race. Norris came in at 7:41 pm, finishing her first journey in the 1,100 mile long race.

They were preceded by rookie Monica Zappa, who breezed into Nome at 7:08 pm with 14 of her original pack of 16.

The winner of this year’s Iditarod was returning champion Dallas Seavey, who set a new record time for completing the race in 8 days, 13 hours, 4 minutes, and 19 seconds, nearly 2 minutes faster than the previous record. He was followed closely by Aliy Zirkle, who came in mere moments later. Zirkle had held the lead from Shaktoolik until she and Seavey were caught in a blinding wind storm that slowed her team down.

Awards will be presented at the Finisher’s Banquet on Sunday, March 16 at 3:30 pm in the Nome Recreational Center.