SOCHI, Russia -

Russia and Alaska have a history that dates back centuries. Hundreds of years later, there continues to be a heavy Russian influence across Alaska.

The 49th state has also apparently left its mark across Russia.

The fans at the Sochi games are roughly 90 percent Russian, many with strong opinions on the Last Frontier.

"Alaska, Alaska, my favorite region. Yes!" on Russian fan smiled.

Another: "Alaska, very cool country, many snow I think."

“What I know about Alaska, the history of our country and your country, too," one woman said, collapsing in smiles and laughter as her English failed her.

"Gold, gold, fever of gold," another Sochi attendee said eagerly.

"I know in alaska, uh dog, uh husky!" one woman exclaimed.

"It's cold there, and people there are very nice and friendly because people coming from places that are cold are usually much warm and friendlier," a Russian man surmised.

One Olympics fan described the weather as similar to Russia’s, or at least, a certain part of Russia. "Climate in Aalaska is like in the North Siberia," he said. “It’s so cold, really cold and I don't want to live there.”

In terms of history, many knew of the past connection Russia has to the great land.

"I know that Alaska is our land, Russia it lost," one said. "And after that we gave it to America, United States of America.”