Anchorage police arrested two people last week on drug charges involving the sale of heroin and methamphetamines, after receiving information from an informant in the case.

According to a Tuesday statement from APD spokesperson Jennifer Castro, 35-year-old Timothy Edwards and 51-year-old Michele Alto were taken into custody Friday.

Police received a break in the case Thursday, when a man possessing heroin and meth agreed to work with APD.

“APD’s Special Assignment Unit, with the assistance of the (Community Action Policing) team and the FBI, coordinated a controlled drug buy between the informant and the supplier,” Castro wrote. “After the drug deal was completed, officers obtained a search warrant for the supplier’s residence and subsequently arrested the supplier, identified as (Edwards).”

Police seized 1.5 ounces of meth and several grams of heroin from Edwards' home, along with at least 10 firearms -- two of which Castro says were stolen, as police also investigate the origins of the other weapons.

Edwards faces charges of driving with a revoked license, as well as second-degree and third-degree misconduct involving controlled substances. Alto also faces third-degree and fourth-degree MICS charges.

Castro declined to provide specifics on the location of the bust or the weapons seized, but did say that Edwards and Alto were trying to drive away when they were taken into custody.

“She was actually in the vehicle with Edwards -- they were attempting to leave the residence after the deal,” Castro said.

It wasn’t immediately clear Tuesday whether the informant will ultimately face charges from district attorneys, alongside the alleged dealers he helped finger.

“It’s the DA’s office that will determine whether there are any further charges,” Castro said.