Justin Clark, the manager, at Middle Way Café turned on the juicer. It's loud. You can barely hear what he's saying as he shoves organic kale, green apples, carrots, beets and ginger through the grinding gears.    
     Crimson colored juice pours into a pitcher.  
     "One thing people like is it looks like a piece of art, it is a work of art," Clark said, "especially when you consider how good it is for you."
     Clark says that the juices here are always popular. Some people come in daily for one. Business gets even busier after the New Year when people try to slim down and get healthier.    
      Everyone knows you're supposed to eat vegetables. But do you really eat enough?
     Clark says you can easily get four or five servings of vegetables in one drink.
     "It's the best way to absorb nutrients when you need it most," Clark said.