Juneau police responding to a call in Marine Park were met with aggression, and head butting. 

According to Sgt. Chris Gifford, two officers responded to a call about alcohol consumption in Marine Park around 1:45 a.m. Of the six individuals involved, a man and a woman voluntarily left the scene when asked by the officers, but the other four resisted with physical force. 

Jack Joseph Paine, Jr., 32, responded by "engaging in a fight" with one of the officers, and was joined by Francois Whitman, 32, who head butted the other responding officer. One of the officers was also attacked by 32-year-old Charity Berkley, who reportedly grabbed his back as he attempted to arrest Paine. 

The female was knocked to the ground by the officer, which appeared to anger the fourth individual, 30-year-old Corey Nashoanak, who "aggressively approached the officers", and refused to listen to them. 

All four were evaluated for minor injuries at Bartlett Regional Hospital following their arrest. Both officers were also treated for minor injuries. 

All four suspects were remanded to the Lemon Creek Correctional Center, and face charges of Resisting/Interfering with an Officer. Paine and Whitman face additional charges of Assault on a Police Officer, and Berkley and Nashoanak were charged with Disorderly Conduct.