More than two years after a shooting outside an East Anchorage bar left two people dead and two others injured, the state and three defense attorneys made their closing arguments to a jury in the case Monday.

Two of the three defendants -- Ryan Laulu and Lee Chee Chang -- are accused of killing men overnight in October of 2011 outside JJ’s Lounge at 624 Muldoon Rd. Police say Laulu shot Chang’s brother Ka Chang, while Lee Chang shot Laulu’s friend Emilio Ramirez, also known as Mario Lopez. Police arrived just after midnight on Oct. 8.

The third defendant, Vang Chang, faces charges for allegedly trying to dispose of one of the murder weapons and pointing it at a witness who followed him.

All three men on trial say that after a verbal argument inside JJ’s, things escalated quickly outside, where Lee Chang and Laulu opened fire in self-defense. The state, however, says the men had chances to safely walk away from the situation.

Laulu’s defense attorney, Marcelle McDannel, said Ka Chang had ran at Laulu holding a handgun -- making Laulu’s decision to open fire an act of defense.

“The law says he has an absolute right to defend himself, and in fact the (law) says he can even be mistaken -- as long as that mistake is reasonable,” McDannel said.

Deputy District Attorney Clint Campion, the state prosecutor in the case, dismissed McDannel’s claims out of hand.

While the defense and prosecution don't agree on why Ramirez and Chang ended up dead, they can agree it was a tragedy -- and it’s the jury which will decide whether it was a crime.

The jury will begin deliberations Tuesday.