A jury was chosen Monday in the murder trial of James Wells, set to begin Tuesday in federal court. Wells faces six charges related to the April 2012 death of two co-workers.

The FBI says James Wells shot and killed two of his co-workers on the Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak in April of 2012, but Wells says he never made it to work because he had to fix a flat tire. 

Both sides are expected to give their opening statements about the case Tuesday. Wells doesn't face the death penalty in the case after a decision by federal prosecutors, but has been held without bail while the trial was delayed from its original start date in March.

The defense will argue for the innocence of Wells, who has pleaded not guilty to all six charges he faces in the deaths of Coast Guard Electrician's Mate First Class James Hopkins and retired Chief Boatswain's Mate Richard Belisle. Those charges include two counts each of first-degree murder, murder of a federal employee or officer, and possession and use of a firearm in relation to a crime of violence.

The FBI criminal complaint states the gun used in the murder was never found. Multiple guns were seized from Wells' home in Kodiak following the murder of Hopkins and Belisle, but the state criminologist stated none of the guns were used to kill the men, according to an FBI criminal complaint.

The federal prosecution listed about 80 names of potential witnesses during the jury selection to see if anyone had a relation or contact with the potential witnesses. Only one person indicated they may know one of the potential witnesses.

The potential jurors were also asked if they have heard about this case in news media. About 10 people raised their hands and spoke with the judge and attorneys about what they have heard.

Opening statements are expected to begin at 9 a.m. Tuesday in federal court.