The Kenai search for a missing family of four -- Brandon Jividen, 37, Rebecca Adams, 22, and her two daughters Michelle Hundley, 5, and Jaracca Hundley, 3 -- is continuing Wednesday.

On Wednesday afternoon, police held a briefing to inform the public of the latest developments at the Kenai Public Library. Police say rescue teams continue to focus their search on the wooded area behind the family's home, and later this week they plan to bring in a special canine team from out of state to assist in the search.

Police confirm they have located two pieces of video surveillance footage from May 18 and May 22, both showing Adams and her daughters in the Kenai area.

Neighbors describe Rebecca Adams as a wonderful person and a good mother, but say that on May 23, she left her daughter Michelle to walk home alone from school, and neighbors haven't seen Rebecca or her family in public since. Several days later, around May 27, Adams' family had their contact with her.

"She sounded distressed," said Lanell Adams, Rebecca's older sister. "She had to get off the phone quickly, she couldn't tell me what was wrong. She told me that she just wanted me to know that she loves me and I haven't heard from her since."

Neighbors of Adams and Jividen called the Kenai Police Department and asked for a welfare check on the family in the early hours of May 31. Officers found Adams' wallet and cell phone inside the home. Family members tell Channel 2 her bank card and food stamp card were also left behind.

Desiree Guilliam, a neighbor of Adams said she was told by the residence's landlord that, their food was still on the counter and on the table from breakfast, like they just disappeared.  Channel 2 confirmed this detail from the site's landlord.

KPD says the family's landlord called June 5 to say they hadn't been heard from in a week and were late on rent, something that was very unusual.

Adams and Jividen's two vehicles still remain parked behind their home -- but Guilliam says the black truck belonging to Jividen did not show until two days after the welfare check by police. Police could not confirm how long the truck had been at the location.

"I swear on everything that's important to me that that truck was not there," Guilliam said. "I did not see it, my husband did not see it and then I drove him to work on the 2nd and I saw it."

Kenai police ask anyone with information on the missing family to call the department at 907-283-7879.

Information gathered from sources was compiled through multiple interview both on and off camera with both neighbors close to Rebecca Adams as well as family members and Kenai Police officials.