The western Alaska village of Kotlik is still recovering from powerful storms that flooded the community. Now some help may be on the way thanks to a 12 year old boy from Wasilla.

A series of powerful winter storms battered the community in November, pushing large chunks of ice into town. Much of the village’s water and sewer delivery system was destroyed, leaving close to half the homes without running water.

The situation motivated Kaden Tonuchuk to collect bottled water to send to the village. After three weeks, he now has enough water for 30 homes, but is a little short in the cash required to send it.

His grandmother, Cami Larochelle, is helping him calculate the shipping costs. “We shipped six gallons of water, and it cost $20 to ship out to Kotlik,” said Larochelle. “We're almost there and it's such a blessing to be a blessing, you know? Water is such a big portion of our life, everyone's lives.”

Kaden says he's just $300 short of being able to send the water. He’s asking for donations to help get the water where it’s needed. Anyone wishing to help can call 907-317-8410.