Anchorage, AK – KTUU-TV and GCI today extended the November 22nd deadline for carriage discussions involving Juneau and southeast Alaska until December 6th. This means that residents of Juneau and southeast Alaska will not immediately lose access to KTUU’s Channel 2 News and syndicated programming on GCI-owned KATH-TV and KSCT-TV, NBC affiliates in Juneau and Sitka respectively. The two parties will use the additional two weeks to work towards reaching a long-term comprehensive carriage agreement covering Anchorage, southeast and rural Alaska communities.

“Substantial progress is being made on a comprehensive agreement,” says KTUU-TV marketing director Brad Hillwig. “We are optimistic that a deal will soon come to pass, and we look forward to once again serving all Alaskans without interruption.”

Prior to GCI’s acquisition of KATH-TV, KTUU-TV supplied Channel 2 News broadcasts to the Juneau station in a decade-old agreement with the former owners. KTUU-TV and GCI have recently been involved in carriage negotiations for 2015 and beyond in Anchorage and rural Alaska. The two parties failed to reach an agreement by the deadline of November 8th and KTUU-TV programming was removed from GCI’s rural Alaska cable systems.

If the two sides reach a comprehensive agreement by December 6th, approximately 7,000 rural cable subscribers would once again receive Channel 2 News and NBC programming.

Contacts: Brad Hillwig, Marketing Director KTUU-TV 762-9203


KTUU-TV’s early beginnings date back to 1953. Over the ensuing six decades, the station has built a reputation of excellence as Alaska’s most watched news source, producing more than 22-hours of news and sports content each week on television. Online, has become a digital news leader, and Channel 2’s mobile News and Weather applications are on the leading edge of mobile journalism in Alaska.  Nielsen Media research shows that Channel 2 News products reach more than 89-percent of the adults who watch local news in a week, and more than 85-percent of those viewers watch Channel 2 News exclusively. That strong reach and brand loyalty are augmented by added distribution to the state’s capital and more than 244 rural communities throughout Alaska.