Construction workers removing tree stumps accidentally struck a gas line Saturday.

An AFD alert was sent out just before 4 p.m. for Anchorage residents in the area of 64th and A street while fire teams and ENSTAR worked for almost two hours to stop the gas leak.

ENSTAR workers who first arrived on scene were not immediately able to turn off the gas flow, but AFD crews were able to control the scene until the necessary equipment arrived around 5:30 p.m.

AFD Captain Mike Guest says the main concern for crews was preventing the gas from getting trapped in two nearby buildings,both of which were cleared shortly after the break in the gas line. 

"For a two inch line, its pretty significant.  Obviously there was quite a bit of gas coming out of it and stuff, but overall not a bad area for it to happen in for us because there was lots of place of it to get up without getting stuck underneath something," said Capt. Guest.

As gas is lighter than air, gas rises, and if trapped in an enclosed area, would build up and could cause an explosion.

A HAZMAT team set up four sensors to monitor the area after ENSTAR workers completed their temporary repair of the line.