Police officers arrived at a Mountain View house Wednesday evening to find a distraught man sitting outside with blood on his hands and blue jeans.

“Oh my God, I hope I did not kill my uncle,” Ralph Nayokpuk, 38, told an officer, according to charging documents.

While Nayokpuk allegedly expressed remorse, 51-year-old Ronald Mullins was pronounced dead at a hospital due to multiple stab wounds moments after the sorrowful interaction with police.

Nayokpuk is accused of first- and second-degree murder for the stabbing, which was preceded by mundane enough interactions.

Mullins and Nayokpuk were at home with other family members when an argument broke out while the nephew was cutting garlic and onions with a butcher knife. The situation grew tense enough that the uncle threatened to call police.

And that is when police believe the dinner knife was used to stab Mullins at least two or three times in the chest and back. Police believe alcohol was a factor.

“I did not think I hurt him that bad, but evidently I did,” Nayokpuk allegedly told an officer.

Ramon Regis-Kile lives nearby and said he saw Mullins come outside and heard him calling for help.

From that moment, before the news of the victim’s death broke, the severity of the incident was already apparent.

“I don’t think he made it, he didn’t look like he made it,” Regis-Kile said. “I gave him CPR, and he looked like he was dying.”

Nayokpuk has a lengthy criminal record, with convictions including sexual abuse of a minor, failure to register as a sex offender and first-degree burglary, spanning from 1996 to earlier this year.

Even with a suspect arrested and charged almost immediately after the stabbing, APD Sgt, Josh Nolder said at the scene Wednesday that investigators would spend the night combing the scene.

“No case is open and shut,” Nolder said. “We’ve got investigators coming out to do interviews, to process the crime scene.”

At a Thursday arraignment hearing at the Anchorage jail court, Judge Gregory Motyka ordered Nayokpuk to be held in lieu of $500,000 bail with a third-party custodian.

Channel 2's Samantha Angaiak contributed to this report