A routine Alaska Airlines flight to Kotzebue Friday morning ended with Alaska State Troopers meeting the plane on the runway and a passenger arrested for assault and disorderly conduct.

Troopers say Alaska Airlines Flight 159 was nearly to Kotzebue just after 8 a.m. when 21-year-old Brennon Frankson of Wasilla “became agitated and belligerent to the flight crew,” according to Trooper dispatch.

Trooper spokesperson Beth Ipsen said Frankson was not served alcohol during the flight. Flight attendants said he “didn’t appear intoxicated when he boarded.”

Troopers say Frankson fell asleep early in the flight and slept most of the way, until about 90 miles outside of Kotzebue, when he “woke up yelling and screaming.”

Ipsen said flight attendants in another section of the plane originally thought it was a confrontation between passengers, but soon learned it was Frankson alone, “being very disruptive and (refusing) to comply with requests.”

Upon landing, Troopers met with the plane and attempted to take Frankson off the aircraft, but he refused to deplane. When officers tried to escort him off the aircraft, “he resisted arrest and twisted away while he was taken into custody, causing a minor injury to the Trooper's hand,” Ispen said.

Frankson continued to refuse to comply with Troopers’ orders after his arrest. Despite not being served alcohol on the plan, Ipsen said Troopers suspect either drugs or alcohol played a factor in Frankson’s erratic behavior.

He was remanded to Kotzebue Regional Jail facility awaiting arraignment. Troopers said federal authorities will be notified of the incident.

Frankson has a criminal record that includes two convictions for assault in January and September of 2013.