A man described by police as a known felon has been charged with bank robbery in a pair of South Anchorage credit union holdups after allegedly taking more than $3,600 by demanding money from tellers.

According to a Monday federal criminal complaint from FBI Special Agent Benjamin Hallowell, 25-year-old Cameron Patrick Fergerson is in custody and charged in connection with the Feb. 25 robberies of a Credit Union 1 branch at 1941 Abbott Rd., as well as a March 1 heist from an AlaskaUSA Federal Credit Union location at 125 W. Dimond Blvd. Fergerson was also allegedly seen March 1 at another Credit Union 1 branch, at 9835 Old Seward Hwy., although it wasn’t robbed.

“In the two successful bank robberies the suspect wrote a note demanding money and handed it to the teller. At another bank, the defendant had a piece of paper and a pencil in hand when bank employees addressed him,” Hallowell wrote. “In all three instances, the suspect entered the lobby of the bank, milled around the lobby, looked around the lobby, and waited in line for a cashier.”

Anchorage police and the FBI had issued multiplerequests for information on the suspect, caught in several images from surveillance video at the robbed locations.

According to witnesses and surveillance video, Fergerson was wearing a black leather jacket with a sewn-in hood, saggy gray jeans, a gray hooded sweatshirt, iridescent sunglasses, a black baseball cap and black gloves when he allegedly robbed the Credit Union 1 shortly after 4:45 p.m.

“While (Fergerson) was waiting in line he was fidgeting and looking around in all directions,” Hallowell wrote. “When the man approached a teller he did not respond to her greeting, he immediately began writing a note on CreditUnion 1 stationary and then handed the note to the teller. The note said ‘Give All The Money In the Drow.’”

When the teller asked Fergerson if he wanted a bag or an envelope for cash she was removing from a drawer, he allegedly took the money and ran.

“(A)s the teller was asking this (Fergerson) reached over the counter, grabbed the money out of the teller’s hands, put the money in the pockets of his (jacket) and ran out of the bank,” Hallowell wrote.

Hallowell says Fergerson was wearing the exact same attire four days later, when he visited the Credit Union 1 on Old Seward and robbed the AlaskaUSA branch. During the Credit Union 1 stop just before 3:45 p.m., he allegedly got into line but was confused by an unexpected event.

“While waiting in line the man was approached by two bank employees,” Hallowell wrote. “The employees asked the man to remove his sunglasses and he did, however he did not remove his hood.”

When Fergerson reached a teller, he allegedly tried to dial a number on his phone with a pen before taking off a glove and using his finger. After a brief conversation with a female voice in which he asked for his account information. When the teller offered to look up Fergerson’s information, he stepped out of line, sat down for a few minutes and left.

Minutes later, Hallowell says Fergerson committed his second robbery, using very similar methods to the one on Abbott Road.

“While the man was waiting in line he was fidgeting and looking around in all directions,” Hallowell wrote. “The man approached a teller station and was greeted by a teller, in response the man handed the teller a note written on an AlaskaUSA envelope that said ‘I want All the money
20s - 50s - 100 NOW.’”

Fergerson then ran away, after allegedly taking $2,078 from the teller.

In the days following the robberies, both an Anchorage Police Department robbery/assault detective and a juvenile justice officer from the McLaughlin Youth Center called Hallowell and told him the suspect seen in surveillance video from the credit unions resembled Fergerson.

A female friend of Fergerson’s told Hallowell that he had bought himself a hat and shoes for a child on Feb. 25, the date of the first robbery, despite not having a job or source of income. When she saw images from the robberies she confronted Fergerson, who denied being involved, but she said she believed differently.

“(The friend) told me that when she viewed the bank surveillance photographs she knew that the suspect was Fergerson and explained that they had known each other for many years and she knew what he looked like with sunglasses on,” Hallowell wrote.

A male friend of Fergerson’s who had committed a bank robbery told the FBI that the two had met in jail a year ago, while he was in jail for the crime. He also said that he had sold Fergerson a bed for $75 on Feb. 25 or Feb. 26, seeing Fergerson produce a large quantity of hundred-dollar bills -- more money than he’d ever seen Fergerson with.

“Approximately three weeks prior to (March 5) Fergerson asked him about his bank robbery, particularly details about how he used a note to rob the bank,” Hallowell wrote.

While only three people among 10 witnesses to the three incidents -- neither of them the robbed tellers -- were able to positively identify Fergerson in a photo lineup, Hallowell thought the resemblance was strong, especially after speaking with Fergerson in person following his March 3 arrest on parole and probation violations.

The evidence was strong enough for the FBI to obtain a search warrant for Fergerson’s Brayton Drive residence, in which agents found receipts for the shoes he had bought the child on Feb. 25.

“The search revealed a pair of black plastic sunglasses with the lenses removed,” Hallowell wrote. “The sunglasses closely resembled those worn by the robbery suspect at the AlaskaUSA.”