A slain Anchorage woman’s family asked a judge for the maximum sentence in court Monday against a man who murdered his girlfriend in 2012.

Superior Court Judge Jack Smith sentenced James Marquez, 36, to 75 years in prison for the death of Carla Webb.

According to charging documents in the case, Marquez initially told police dispatchers that Webb’s shooting in the left eye, on the evening of April 9, 2012, was an accident. Soon afterward, though, he told police “I’m guilty” and surrendered to responding officers at the apartment where Webb was shot, on the 3000 block of West 42nd Avenue.

At Monday’s sentencing, both Marquez and his victim’s sister, Evelyn Brazzell, said he bore responsibility for the crime.

“To justify the death, to blame Ms. Webb's choice on why I killed her, those are just stinking errors,” Marquez said.

“I hope you never forget never forget two faces of Carla Webb, and that is the face when she said she loved you -- and the last face of her, laying in a bed with a bullet hole in her head, the woman you were supposed to love,” Brazzell said.

A jury convicted Marquez of murder in July 2013, despite arguments by his defense that he deserved a manslaughter charge because Webb had allegedly had an abortion -- a claim denied by her family, who said she wasn’t pregnant.

Marquez had faced up to 99 years in the case.

Editor's note: An initial version of this story which gave Evelyn Brazzell's as "Branson" has been corrected.