PALMER, Alaska -

The Matanuska-Susitna Borough has $2.5 million to spend on erosion control but has not decided how the money would be best spent.

Borough officials have asked companies to make proposals for the Sutton and Butte areas but plans to leave the details up to the contractors.

"We're not specifying to contractors what work to do. We're saying we want you to do some river erosion control," said assistant borough manager George Hays.

Borough officials expect to hear proposals for dredging channels into rivers, reinforcing shore banks with rocks or repairing dikes. Hays says two of the areas that have proposals coming in are along the Kings River and in Butte by Ye Old River Road. 

Homeowner Pat Huddleson lives just a few miles away from Ye Old River Road and says the $2.5 million is only going to be a drop in the bucket. 

"I don't see where it's going to do too much protection for the neighbors either upstream or downstream," Huddleson said.

Hays agrees that the $2.5 million will not be enough to address every area in need of help. He said Talkeetna has some flooding issues that also need to be addressed.

"We're going to put it in those most critical areas right now,” Hays said. We know there's other areas that we could put money in for erosion control but it is a start. At this point we hope to get some good proposals out of this.”

Proposals are due  Nov. 4.