As the fastest-growing community in the state, the Mat-Su Borough has had to build more homes, roads and schools to keep up with demand -- and now it's dealing with the wastewater all those people create.

According to Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility spokesperson Chris Kosinski, septic tankers now transport more than 100,000 gallons of liquid waste a day from the Valley to a treatment facility near Anchorage's Point Woronzof via the Glenn Highway.

Mat-Su Borough officials say because of the growing need, they developed an advisory board back in 2011 which has been tasked with building a facility and finding appropriate land to put it on.

In order to help fund the project, the borough requested $2.2 million from the state's capital budget but only received $100,000.

"I think the need is here certainly, but again it's a matter of funding," said Tom Haley, the City of Palmer's public works director. "How are we going to obtain and schedule that? There will have to be some funding package put together, probably some combination of payments and loans to make that happen."

Borough officials say the current estimate for the project is $17 million.