Kenneth Moto, in court to face justice after being on the run for nearly two weeks and arrested early Monday in a shed, also faced the mother of the man Anchorage police say he fatally injured last month.

It all started with a fight outside the Panhandle Bar on April 19. Police say Moto, 39, hit Lavon Kittick and broke her jaw -- and that he also struck 36-year-old Daniel Stewart, who died in a hospital three days later.

On Monday, Moto heard the charges against him in front of a courtroom filled with Stewart's friends and family including his mother, Sylvia Stewart.

“I no longer have kids -- when life has been taken from you, what can you do?” Stewart said in front of a judge.

It was the first time Stewart saw her son's alleged killer.

“My son is gone, he can’t come back -- that’s 100 years he’s gone, this person should get the same thing,” Stewart said.

With his head down, Moto showed no emotion when Stewart had to be held up and carried out of the room.

“My life is over; he’s taken my son’s life. God please give him the maximum,” Stewart screamed as she was escorted.

Moto’s sister, Karen, was in court Monday in support of her brother.

“He’s complied with everything that has been put before him -- but for these charges there are circumstances,” Moto said.

Kenneth Moto is facing up to 20 years in prison due to previous convictions on charges of burglary, robbery, theft and assault.

Outside the courthouse Stewart, unable to stand by herself, told reporters that Moto deserves to be locked up for life.

“This is an animal. This is not a human being. You cannot put him back out there in society to hurt other people,” Stewart said.

Moto faces charges of manslaughter, assault in the first and fourth degree. Moto’s bail is set at $400,000 cash, half each in performance and corporate bonds, with a third-party custodian required for release.

Moto is scheduled for a pre-indictment hearing Wednesday afternoon.