Updated Sunday Evening:

Anchorage- On Friday, Democratic Senator Mark Begich's campaign ran an ad decrying the light sentence that suspected killer Jerry Active received before he was accused of killing an elderly couple and sexually assaulting their great granddaughter.

The Sullivan campaign rana counter ad calling Begich's ad disgraceful.

Late this afternoon, Sullivan's campaign agreed to take down it's ad, while the Begich campaign agreed late this evening to alter the initial ad by taking out any reference to the Jerry Active case.

The attorney for the family, Bryon Collins said he fears the ads from both campaigns could potentially taint a jury pool for the upcoming trial.


The jerry Active case is scheduled to go to trial in September.

Original Story published Sunday afternoon:

An attorney representing the family members of a slain elderly couple have asked the candidates for senate to quit running ads that cite the crimes.

The campaign for Republican candidate Dan Sullivan said they would remove the ads from the airwaves. Democratic Senator Mark Begich’s campaign said it wants to have another conversation with the family.

The controversy stems from an ad released by the Begich campaign on Friday in which a retired police officer points to the home where Sorn Sreap and Touch Chea were brutally murdered last year. In the ad, the police officer said that as attorney general, Sullivan let sex offenders get off with light sentences. Then the officers points out the crime scene where the couple was killed.

The Sullivan campaign released an ad shortly after. In the second ad, Dan Sullivan disparages the Begich campaign for using the crimes as part of a political statement.

An attorney for the family, Bryon Collins said that he’s concerned about how so much publicity to the case might affect the trial which is currently scheduled for September. Collins said he requested both campaigns quit running the ad.

The Sullivan campaign agreed saying in a written statement, “Mark Begich began this distasteful and offensive debate, and our campaign is pleased we could play a role along with the victims' attorney to end it."

The Begich campaign did not agree to quit running its ad. The campaign says it wants to have a conversation with the family. Its statement said, “Sullivan is trying to distract from his record as attorney general of giving light sentences to sex offenders. The current attorney general subsequently changed sentencing rules for serious crimes like sexual assault. We have reached out to the family about our ad."

Collins said as the family’s representative, he’s pleased Sullivan’s campaign agreed to take down the ad.

“We appreciate Dan Sullivan’s decision and we look forward Sen. Mark Begich's office doing the same,” Collins said.